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Have you thought about workplace accidents

in the manufacturing/construction industry?

In the manufacturing/construction project sites, various workplace accidents, risks to workers and problems in the manufacturing process may occur originating

from work procedure errors and construction defects. These cause financial loss, including undermined productivity and tarnished corporate image.

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  • A decline in productivity and quality caused by unskilled workers

    As most on-site workers are contract-based or temporarily-employed, it is hard to ensure continuity during their training on productivity and quality, as they largely carry out work in accordance with their memorized work process. Work instructions in hard-copy manuals are not well observed or relied upon, undermining the productivity and quality competitiveness as the work does not reflect the demands and changes on the project site.
  • Repetitive and time-consuming site verification process

    For a procedure that is undertaken after clearly understanding the project site and its aspects, applying the figures to even a small change and modification leads to a high-quality design and process. This involves various types of verification procedures, such as making a mock-up or business trips to visit the site several times, taking up a lot of time and money.
  • Reducing the time spent and costs when experiencing difficulties

    In the case of a problem on-site, it is hard to clearly identify its causes through verbal explanations and photos, due to overly-complicated facilities. Additionally, technical experts frequently have to travel out to the site in response to a problem. Training for problem-solving of repetitive issues and countermeasures are not currently being undertaken. These lead to an increase in inventory costs and take a large amount of time and costs, incurred by long hours of storage during the problem-solving process.

Solution & Effects

  • Increasing productivity and quality by minimizing errors

    It is possible to immediately increase productivity and provide intuitive feedback, thanks to the real-time connection with the project site, design modification and workers’ training, Video- or voice-based instructions that are easy for unskilled workers to understand are offered to project sites and frequently modified to enable them to work with technicians via a remote system, instantly correcting errors in their work and thereby improving productivity and quality competitiveness.
  • Reducing costs by shortening lead time

    XR solution allows communication by disclosing project site information to a remote technical control team and stakeholders in real-time. Additionally, a project site can be reviewed remotely together with HQ engineers and relevant companies; while decisions can be made in real-time by conducting a multilateral meeting remotely; thus it is very effective in reducing long schedules, control quality, and for estimates when designing/bidding.
  • Stable operation and improved safety management

    During maintenance services, maintenance history and technical data can be readily available at the site, which enables real-time responses in the event of malfunction. Moreover, shut-down/start-up processes can be swiftly completed. The application of XR technology in construction project sites and production facilities enables work safety management and monitoring the coordinates of construction workers. Therefore, the manager can make sure workplace accidents are minimized by sending alarms to workers regarding hazardous work and danger zones, if necessary.

Create innovation in your worksites with

AR and Digital Twin technologies

Use Case

  • Applying AR remote technical support solution

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    • - Reducing costs of specialists travelling to the site and training on on-site workers

      - Improving productivity by providing intuitive remote control support to on-site workers

      - Reducing work hours by enabling on-site workers to use both hands freely when receiving
      work instructions

  • Applying AR remote technical support solution

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  • AR-based visualization of IoT sensor information

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  • Remote technical support to an overseas production plant

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  • Developing a visual application for wiring design

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