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Have you wondered about the problems

in the infrastructure/resource industry?

The infrastructure/resource industry suffers from a declining management efficiency, caused by overly-complicated facilities and data problems. The out-of-sight,

buried facilities and the complex connectivity between them leads to difficulties in identifying the site. Recruiting highly-skilled workers with an expertise in project sites is another occurring issue.

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  • Overly-complicated facilities and difficult work guidelines

    Repetitive operations, a complex installation process of facilities during maintenance and work guidelines which are difficult to understand take a long time to look up in the manual or to get a response in real-time, when using a number of facilities. In addition, a lack of skilled workers makes it difficult to undertake high-quality work.​
  • Reducing time spent and costs when experiencing difficulties

    When a problem occurs on-site, it is difficult to clearly identify its causes through verbal explanations and photos, due to the overly-complicated facilities. As problems can occur from various causes, it is necessary to have a number of experts check them out from various angles in real- time. While deciding the solution to the problem, facilities will be shut down and will stop operating.
  • Reviewing safety management and disaster prevention

    Failure and loss may occur due to the deterioration of facilities and by giving unskilled workers access to them. These may lead to massive loss when the response to safety-failure accidents is delayed due to insufficient identification of on-site workers’ directions and location. Additionally, issues can occur in facilities when insufficient measures are taken for deteriorating facilities, causing the work undertaken to be different from the instructions given.

Solution & Effects

  • Clear instructions and readily-available manuals

    Through XR solutions, we selectively provide visual information through work manuals related to various facilities which need to be checked on-site, checklists and the maintenance process. This allows the relevant teams on the project site to look into the details, in the event of malfunctioning.
  • Reducing time/cost and maximizing work efficiency

    When a problem occurs on the project site, remote technology experts and on-site workers share the incident in real time and discuss the situation via camera, which enables smooth cooperation and swift amelioration. This reduces the halt time and maintenance time of facilities, improving their capacity usage ratio and the productivity of facilities. Relevant personnel will remotely review data related to the facilities and their inspection history, which allows them to make decisions on countermeasures, maximizes work efficiency and reduces costs by large.
  • The most realistic education and safety management solutions

    Complex training that is difficult to conduct on a project site can be provided through practical training materials. This is highly effective for carrying out high-quality work, even in the case of unskilled workers accessing the site. It also offers training on the troubleshooting process via video recording, file and screen sharing, live pointers and instant chat translation. Additionally, a test simulation of expanding new facilities when using digital manuals or work instructions via smart devices increases opportunity costs, by shortening work hours and strengthening safety management

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Use Case

  • Real-time, remote, cooperative solution

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    • - Reduced time and costs by solving the malfunctioning of
      a facility owned by a Japanese suppliervia real-time remote
      assistance, without a supervisor visiting.

  • Developing a plant digital twin O&M system

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  • AR-based structure stability verification solutions

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  • Production-based, autonomous robot (SPOT) Site Application Verification service

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  • Improving the 3D visualization system

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