Extended Reality (XR) Content visualization

VIRNECT View delivers XR content anywhere, anytime, over commercial devices, increasing work efficiency and allowing on-site reporting.

Product Overview

View XR content anywhere, anytime, on any commercially available device.

VIRNECT View is an extended reality (XR) information and data visualization solution. Check work information and operation data such as work manuals and safety guides right on the spot on your phone, and make informed decisions.
Check it out right away

Check it out right away

Have XR content at hand on your current devices

Save Time & Efficiency

Save Time & Efficiency

Optimize fieldwork and save time and money

Expandability & Customize

Expandability & Customize

Scale-up linking your company data

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VIRNECT View is more accessible, has more functions, and is more scalable than most competitors.

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    View an entire library over a single target (access to a list of related content)

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    Choose and view content in AR or VR

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    Set access rights and make your content available only to a specific group of users

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    Customize it, display company information, and log in with your company credentials



Available for multiple devices
Access content from the device that fits your needs.
Tasks assignments and progress reporting
Check a list of assigned tasks by workers to be performed with AR assistance. Control the progress and revisit feedback from previous reports.
Field-optimized visual content
Access contents under any situation, even if there is no internet connection.
Task reporting history
Report task progress with text and images while viewing the content from the field. The data is stored in the cloud for managers' analysis.
AR visualization of data from IoT or other sources
On-premise customers can access content that shows real-time information over AR. Allowing workers to visualize the details of the industrial process as it goes.
Emergency AR location
On-premise customers can alert managers of real-time emergency locations for immediate support.


Fast and accurate decision-making based on real-time data

VIRNECT View supports a powerful remote and asynchronous knowledge-sharing system enabling timely work and enhancing productivity. Improve your operation with accurate guidance while reducing the burden on experts.
  • Visual

    Understand operations and data with visual AR content
  • Intuitive

    Minimize errors with intuitive AR facilities
  • Connected

    Know the current situation with real-time reporting
  • Fast

    Get information when you need it and deal with problems on-site

The AR/DT solution for industrial problems. VIRNECT can show you.

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