VIRNECT virtually connects people and info right where is needed. Using XR (extended reality),
we enable our customers to access knowledge anywhere, anytime.

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VIRNECT is a leading industrial XR solution company.

VIRNECT is a leading industrial XR solution company. We connect critical data from industrial sites through virtual reality. We enable our customers to access the information they need from anywhere through XR services. We create value by linking people/robots, time/space, information/knowledge/wisdom, and we are striving to grow into the global No.1 XR platform company for a world where XR technology is used in all aspects of life.
  • Mission Create a Smart, Convenient, and Sustainable Low-Carbon Future By connecting reality/virtuality, people/robots, time/space, and information/knowledge/wisdom.
  • Vision Global No.1 XR Platform Company A world where XR technology permeate every aspect of our life
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    150+ people
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Growing together with our customers.

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  • Industrial XR leader
    • • Raised USD 30 million in Series B funding
    • • Launched VIRNECT Track
    • • Received the Korea Metaverse Award & IT World Award (XR Solution Category)


Growing together by putting our customers first

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  • 한국전력공사
  • 전력연구원
  • 국립문화재연구소
  • 한국서부발전
  • 한국과학기술정보연구원
  • 한국전자기술연구원
  • 조달청
  • 한전kdn
  • 한국가스공사
  • 해양경찰청
  • 한국원자력환경공단
  • 서울창조경제혁신센터
  • 부산현대미술관
  • 중소벤처기업진흥공단
  • 한국공항공사
  • 한국원자력연구원
  • 한국도로공사
  • 한국철도기술연구원
  • 한국과학기술정보연구원
  • 부산광역시교육청
  • 경기도경제과학진흥원
  • 충북테크노파크
  • 울산정보산업진흥원
  • KEA
  • 서울기술연구원


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    VIRNECT pursues client value.

    VIRNECT finds solutions by connecting virtual reality with our clients' reality.

    Corporate Identity
    VIRNECT's core values are to maintain trust, lead the market, and pursue win-win relationships. To maintain consistency in expressing our identity, our logo works as a key element in our product design and a criterion for symbolic visualization.
    • Leading the Market (Bold)

      The color blue implies that VIRNECT highly values building and maintaining trust with clients and that it will work for the improvement of their working environments.

    • Leading the Market (Bold)

      The bold logotype visualizes VIRNECT's will to create sustainable solutions by leading the AR/DT market.

    • Pursuing a Win-win Relationship (Vertical & Round)

      Signifies the value of blending and balancing the differences in society for the prosperity of humanity, the nation, and society as a whole.



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    VIRNECT's symbol mark and logotype cannot be modified or recombined. If you wish to use our signature, logotype, etc., please download our CI file and use it as is.

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    Brand Identity
    VIRNECT's hexagonal motif logo represents the harmony and connection among all of the information and human resources that form the industry. It is used to distinguish VIRNECT's variety of products.

    The AR/DT solution for industrial problems. VIRNECT can show you.

    We always welcome inquiries on AR and DT.